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ATV & Motorcycles

You ride your motorcycle on the open road, free of boundaries. Now you can bring the freedom of your favorite music on the road with you.

Bring your entertainment with you on your bike. Not being an enclosed environment like a car or truck, a motorcycle is open to the air which means can be a challenge to balance out volume with a clean sound. We are proud to have mastered that balance with our installations. We back our work with a lifetime warranty on installations. All physical aspects of the installation are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle unless installation is tampered with. From a simple radio that connects to your phone to a full on concert on the road, we have you covered.

Motorcycle Install

ATV Audio Systems, Lighting, and Accessories

Side-X-Sides, golf carts, four-wheeler/quad-cycle ATV’s and more off-road recreational vehicles – PowerSports have become as popular as boats and they need audio equipment that will stand up to the weather just the same. The marine amplifiers we use in our PowerSport builds are not automotive amplifiers. While they will work just fine in a car or truck, they are purposely built to very strict standards that is tried and tested under the most extreme conditions. Sounds Unlimited only carries the most trusted brands in marine amps, towers, sound bars, sub-woofers and receiver/head-units that have been tried and tested under the most extreme of conditions.

Wet Sounds
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