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Vehicle Safety

By several estimates, back-up cameras can help prevent accidents.

What is the purpose of a rear view camera system?
They allow the driver to see behind the vehicle in the area, which mirrors alone cannot reach, also called the Blind Zone.

Back-up cameras send images to a display through wires inside the car. Automakers configure back-up cameras to transmit images to a vehicle’s built-in dashboard display or rear view mirror.

Can I buy your systems without installation?
Yes, although we recommend professional installation.

Will installing a backup camera system void my vehicles warranty?
No, installing a backup camera system or any aftermarket accessory or device will not void your vehicles manufactures factory warranty. In fact, it is illegal for a car dealer to deny warranty coverage because you have installed a backup camera system or any aftermarket accessory or device. 

Rydeen Rear view camera systems

Safer cars, fewer collisions.

Cars become safer every day as automobile manufacturers improve seatbelts, airbags, and other driver safety features.

While seatbelts and airbags effectively protect drivers after a collision has occurred and are undeniably critical to saving lives, the new frontier of automotive safety is focusing on greater collision prevention

After all, isn’t ‘no collision’ better than a ‘safer collision’?
Mobileye’s unique vision-based system sees the road ahead:

  • Recognizes other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, lane markings, and speed limit signs

  • Analyzes the situation

  • Warns drivers if a collision is imminent, a lane departure has occurred, or other potential hazards are in the vehicle’s path

By deploying both a visual and audible alert in real time, the driver is sure to take notice and have ample time to react.
While the technology that drives Mobileye is complicated, user operation is incredibly easy.

  • The entire system, consisting of only two pieces, is mounted discretely inside the vehicle

  • Very little driver training required

The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System provides an extra set of eyes for seasoned drivers and new drivers alike, which is why nearly 15 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye.

Pedestrian alert
Impending collision warning
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